In your opinion, what is the greatest invention ever?

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This is such a difficult question, I've been discussing this often. It's hard to say, because most of modern inventions were only able to be created with other findings. But, i'll say one which really fascinates me: electromagnetism.

In the 19th century, Maxwell unified electricty and the magnetism in four equations. These equations are the basis of all the modern communicaton, digital electronics and so far.

When I'm at a desert place, like a beach or in the countryside, I figure that any moment I can pick my cellphone up and talk to any people in the world. Because it can send a signal (electromagnetic wave), that will be received and processed until arrives at the listener.

Nowadays, this is so common that seems easy. Only studing you can see how it really works, and how beautiful it is.
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Well, there are a lot of essential inventions to our lives, but I think refrigerator is one of the greatest ever created, because by this item, we mustn't cook for every meal, I mean, we can cook for the breakfast and saving the food in the refrigerator and eat it at dinner. This item gives us more time and indepedence.

It's a curiosity. The idea of refrigerator there's a lot of time, for instance, ancient civilizations used caves in cold regions to save meat. So, refrigerator is an ancient idea, nevertheless, it's one of the greatest ever created and was created by different peoples.
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I have been reading the replies to this question with interest and some amusement.

The defination of invention strongly implies that an invention is a discovery, new process, or idea which is made by a human. This would by defination eliminate anything created by a supreme being. Following those limitations I would offer the following statements for consideration.

For an invention to be the most important or greatest it should influence all inventions that follow. Therefore it follows that the greatest invention would have to be the "discovery and harnessing of fire", without which, humans would still be living like apes.

On the other hand, the worst invention (discovery) had to be that "GOD" really did mean "DO NOT EAT FROM THAT APPLE TREE"!
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We could make a list here, no doubt. Even so, in my view, "the light" was/is such an extraordinary invention!

That's it!
The greatest invention are all thing that involve the technology, It is airplane, computer, mobile phone between other things. I prefer the airplane, until today I think it fantastic, the man reached other planet and the moon. I would like to list the airplane A-380, the biggest airplane already made to passengers, I travelled on, was fucking fantastic my trip.
No doubt is the computer. with it i can do all.
With computer I can lie about my real appearance and it's easier to talk online than to talk in person!
Hi folks!

For me, the greatest invention ever is the internet. With the internet we can access a lot of information and Knowledge instantly. We can comunicate to each other with a lot of tools. So, there are infinity possibilities for the use of internet, is awesome!

Sorry about my english folks! Bye!
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My choice would be indoor plumbing, especially the latrine. Imagine if you had to give up one or the other, which would be your choice: the use of the computer and the internet, or of the john? Which would you choose?
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Marcio_Farias escreveu:Successive biomedical (media-supported) breatkthroughs without which we would die sooner than expected. The hospital staff for which I work, for example, pioneeringly succeeded in surgically removing the blade of a knife out of a guy's brain without damaging the brain in 2010. (Back in 2007 someone with whom the guy thought he'd pick a bone had stuck a knife into the guy's brain, leaving the blade inside it. The knob broke loose. Thank God the guy survived all the surgical procedures.)

On another side, scientists announced they have come close to finding a cure to Alzheimer's disease and AIDS. On no other side did someone like me find anything at all but unthinkably write away at such findings!

I'm with you on that one, It touches me profoundlywhen I think of what science has done for humanity, yet, often times we take it for granted, things like the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Flemming is on my list of the greatest inventions/discoveries mankind has made. Can you picture the world without antibiotics? ;)