In your opinion, what's the most honorable profession?

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On my point, the most honorable is be teacher, cuz they are who coach us for life
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Police and reporter!

Without police, you can't walk on the street. Don´t forget it!

Without reporter, you can´t get information about the world.
In my opinion the teachers make the difference. All the professionals started like a student, and a teacher done a hard work in this process! Although, all the professions and jobs have their importance, and is almost impossible to rank the levels.
All the profession is honorable provided that don´t kill or steal.
Doctors, firefighters, teachers and the military. As far as I am concerned, of course.
good mimiko33, but i add the Nurses because they also should be honorable in your profession. I said that because I'm Nurse too.
Is the teacher. He is the one who forms the future professionals.
In my opinion all professions are honorables. We can´t judge a profession,if the job is correct, honest and you are not doing nothing wrong your profession is honorable enough.
Doesn't hold a most honorable profession! All of them depends solely on each other. I could say that all efforts are honorable. Indeed, if you aren't a politician.
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Since that is honest, all professions are honorable.