In your opinion, which country will win the world cup?

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It´s early days to say which country will win the world cup. The countries have three years ahead to train their teams. In addition, game is game and as game and we never know what 22 men are able to do to surprise us.
I would like to watch a World Cup final between Brazil x Sweden, because I´m Brazilian and my husband is a Viking and his country opened its doors to greater knowledge of my life.
I think that Netherland will win the next world cup, because it have been had a good performance on the past cup staying on the second place.
The Brazil is very weakened, so i don't think that will win the cup. Remember of the last game. That was a disaster!
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I think Spain will win the World Cup.

Why, Lucas?
Because she won the last World Cup (South Africa) and she has a good team, with good players. If she knows how to enjoy all her players, Spain will do a good cup.
:D My brazil will win, I hope it because it will hapen here in brazil so :D
I got no clue :|
As a prophet, I will say: Germany will win the World Cup in Brazil. The German Team has the best players and an efficient way to play. Furthermore, there is a curse: who wins the Confederations Cup doesn't win the World Cup. So, please, somenone answer the following question: "Who won the last Confederations Cup?
I agree with my friend Rodrigo!
The Germany's team Is a great favorite to win this world cup, because there are many good players playing there.
I think Brazil has good chances to win the world cup! The team is very good and we're playing in our home, the team will have a lot of support from the fans and our coach is very experienced, he knows what he does.. So, Brazil is my favorite to win the trophy. My other bets are Germany, Spain and I think Belgium can be a great surprise..
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I think the Brazil will be the champion world. Felipão is a coach with very experience, inclusive with one world championship in career. The play men are very good and the championship will be within of country. Going Brazil!!!!!