Income x Revenue x Profit x Yield: Qual a diferença?

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Hi folks!

Acabei de fazer uma pesquisa a respeito da diferença/relação entre essas 4 palavras!
Observações e correções são bem-vindos, como sempre!

Income -> Rendimentos, seja de pessoa física ou empresa, originados de trabalho, investimentos, etc.

Farming is his main source of income.
Even on two incomes, we're having a hard time keeping up with our bills.
What was the company's annual income?

Revenue -> Rendimentos de empresa, governo ou pessoa jurídica.

The factory lost revenue because of the strike by the workers
The firm is looking for another source of revenue.
Government officials have reported a decrease in revenue.

Profit -> lucro
Profitable (adj) -> lucrativo

There was a rise/fall/increase/decrease in profits this year.
The profits from CD sales were donated to charity
The organization is not run for profit.
A non-profitable organization (adj)
The company has profited by selling its products online. (verb)

Yield -> Produção (de uma planta, fazenda, etc) ou Lucro.

The average yield per tree is about one bushel.
How should we prune this tree to maximize fruit yield?
The yield on government bonds is currently seven percent.
Airlines are giving priority to high-yield business routes to and from Heathrow.
The apple/peach trees yielded an abundant harvest. (verb)


Cheers! :)