Informações sobre o ERT (English Reading Test), do Insper

Olá pessoal! Um aluno meu se inscreveu no CFM - CERTIFICATE IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT do Insper. Para participar do processo seletivo, é requerido que realize o TRLQ Online (Teste de Raciocínio Lógico e Quantitativo) e o ERT (English Reading Test).

Vocês tem alguma informação sobre esse teste - ERT (English Reading Test)? Nível de dificuldade, estilo do teste, simulados?

Desde já agradeço!


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Hmm, sounds like this certification it´s something of a novelty in Brazil, questions about exams to MBA onwards is a novelty here too.
Even so, it seems like one having knowledge of English compatible with TOEFL and being aware of the statements of the TLRQ will fare well on such exam.
For example, the fact of one having to choose the INCORRECT question or "that says something that is not on the text" is worth noticing.
These are my first impressions...

One student that is prepared to a test will do well, or at least won´t get in deep waters in most examinations. One that doesn´t train and learn more and more will be the proverbial bad workman that blame his tools... :-) ... sensu.html
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