Is Brazil ready for the World Cup and Olympics?

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Lucas PAYNE escreveu:As Galvão Bueno says, prepare your heart, but this time to see the disaster.

I agree with you.Our country is not ready.
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Hello Everyone!
About the World Cup i think Brazil is be able to host it even because we have a lot of Stadiums scattered for Brazil, however i don't think this would be the right thing to do, Why? Because we're needing a lot of GOOD hospitals, GOOD schools to our sons, i mean, There are a lot of things that the Brazil needs but anybody don't see what we really need, really miss, so, i didn't agree since the beginning this idea, but who am i to change an order that our President decides? Anyway, i don't agree with this.

About the Olympics Sports of course the Brazil it's not be able to host it, we don't have structure to bear out millions of people coming from another country, but we're lucky that the Games will come only in 2016, therefore we have time to build the structure that need.

That's my opinion.

Thank you.
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I don't think so, it's so complicated!Brazil doesn't have structure to do it!Brazil needs to wake up and I don't know who/what will throw a bucket of cold water on it!
That's all
Ah of course it is! But no. Can you imagine an American wanting to buy some lunch and the seller says "Han... Carne... Esfiha..."? Well, it's gonna be like this.
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"GOOD schools to our sons..."

Good schools to our children, let´s not exclude the ones that have girls (daughters) as well.

One more point. Children here wouldn´t mean just "crianças" but "filhos" (sons and daughters as a whole.), regardless their age.

There are a lot of things that the Brazil needs...
There are a lot of things that Brazil needs (the correct form.)

We use "the" to refer to name countries that begin with "United'', "Kingdom" (exception are 'The Bahamas', 'The Phillipines" and a few others. Not much, though.)
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Is Brazil ready for the World Cup and Olympics?

Hmm, if not, Brazil will be ready to pretend it is. Just remember JMJ infrastructure problems (mainly transport, information, etc). We are lucky that we have a warm and hospitable people (not everyone, though), that make up for the lack of planning, formal education, and other drawbacks. Until the current days.