Is it important to lose our accent when we speak English?

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Yes, because it gives us more credibility among native speakers of the language;

by the way, people won´t do jokes and slangs with us
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Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 70 2
I noticed something in my english class today that is really interesting. Here in São Paulo, we have a different accent that exerts influence when we are speaking English. For instance, some people say 'chee-cher' [teacher] which is not correct. Another example I saw in my class is one of the students talking about 'gates' to the my teacher, who is foreigner. He pronounced the word like 'Gaychee' and the teacher was like 'What the hell is that'?

You see the importance of this? I know it's contraditory to what I said before, but I didn't notice it before commenting up there. Portuguese habits sometimes mess things up. At least here in São Paulo.

Yep renanKenpler...
Its very important to speak properly...

An great example why you should study how to spell the best you can:

THOUGHT you have to say θɔːt

If you don't speak properly the th sound, That's a horrible mistake
and it can make your English really tough to understand.

Two words similar to the word thought, but both of 'em haven't the same meaning as thought.
fought = fɔːt
taut = tɔːt

There is no such thing as TH which sounds like F or T.
Because there is a risk to be misunderstood.
TH has TH sound, period.
Avatar do usuário Lu Interact 40
Accent is about the amount and where the emphasis or intonation of the word is placed, it is a learned behaviour. I thus believe that we can all adapt our accents to the situation. Now, that is not to say that it is easy, but we can do it if we deem it important.

In certain situation it is more important that in others, as in a job interview or if you are a journalist.

I had a Brazilian friend in London who was a theatre actress and she had to loose all her accent to be able to get work. Her English was limited in terms of variety of vocabulary, but the little she spoke you would have thought she lived in London all her life.
it's important to talk as closer as a native does ad possible
Avatar do usuário maryziller 305 1 1
I think the Brazilian way of pronouncing English is very beautiful. I love it when people English read aloud. There are some accents that sound prettier than others. I like the carioca accent in English very much.
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
I don't think so...
They will understand us if we speack English without the american accent. But it'd be very important to get it if you are supposed to live in the country...

Avatar do usuário josneywat 305 6
The accent on the youtube video is actually not like my accent.
Of course, I think the accent is one the most important part of english.
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Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
I ran across this thread and since I am an American, with a Brisilian wife, and her Brasilian family is now mine I decided to expound on my experiences.

An accent is not as much a hindrance, as is the improper construction of sentences. In other words if you can use the correct words in the proper order it is easier for a native to understand, regardless of accent. I am not saying that proper enunciation is not important, but that an accent is not as big a problem as many people think.

In the United States, we Americans may have very noticable and distinct accents from, Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angles, etcetera, and in some cases a Manhatten, New York accent can be very different from a Brooklyn, or Bronx accent. WE CAN DEAL WITH ACCENTS, even Canadian, British (the worse :lol: ), and yes, even the cute Brasilian ones :D .

If you concentrate on the proper use of words, and construction of sentences, while trying to improve your enunciation, and you will be OK.