Is it important to lose our accent when we speak English?

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Avatar do usuário Ravenna 70 3
Well I already complained on this forum :D about foreigners trying to speak English with a heavy accent because I could barely understand a Russian Teacher trying to explain the complicated Russsian Grammar to the students and I gave up watching his explanation (it was a video) - Alas, just because of his English I decided to leave the Group of Studies!
I'm not worried about my accent while I'm speaking English - I'm just worried about the proper pronunciation of the words, the correct pronunciation is what really matters - then I will be understood. Of course we can deal with accents! But, you know there are exceptions...!
Hope it does make sense!

Ravenna. ^^
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Yeah, it is. We must keep our real idiom, because it matters so much, too.
Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
isabelladevonne escreveu:Yeah, it is. We must keep our real idiom, because it matters so much, too.


See what you think of this rewrite.

"Yes, it is. We must use proper pronunciation because it matters so much."

Yeah, is slang and when learning a new language one should strive to learn the proper words, and pronunciation. An Idiom is a phrase that you can not deduce it's real meaning from the individual words, such as to kick the bucket which means to die, or a chip on your shoulder which means you have a grudge or are looking for trouble.

Keep studying,learning and improving your English.
Avatar do usuário ernando 10
Of course losing our Portuguese accent is important, as were said it will give us more credibility among the native speakers. But in the beginning of one's English studies lose the accent is not big deal, it comes naturally after some time. ;)

I got this opinion because once I went to a Shopping Mall where lots of Chinese people worked, some of them do speak Portuguese very well, but others don't, in this second case, these people sounded like being rude sometimes because of their Chinese accents.

Please correct my wrongs.
Some years ago I worked at a hotel and some foreigners guests did their best to try to speak a good portuguese, as we know, portuguese is very difficult for english speakers. One of them told me once that, in his opinion, is polite to do so. Beyond all explanations here, I agree with that guest. When we study another language we learn also another culture, thus we ought to put all our efforts to do the best!!!
Avatar do usuário Frank Florida 210 5
I think a Brazilian accent is actually quite charming. :) That said, the more neutral your accent, the higher people will perceive your English skills to be. Having people guess that you're American or British is probably the highest compliment you can receive.
No, the most important you get communicate with the people. The accent always there will be. You can see the example below:

The portugueses always that be in Brazil will have your accent of your country, so we always have some accent, independent where to be!
I think the key is communicating - if an accent is so strong that it becomes a barrier to communication and understanding then of course it needs to be worked on. But I don't think there is any problem with people having accents - I have an accent (southern English), my friends from Manchester, Scotland etc, have different accents. So what difference does it make if you have, for example, a Brazilian accent?

Besides, some people will find it sexy!
I find important to pay attention on the way you pronounce the words. The other day I was in a plane here in Brasil, and I heard the flight attendant speaking in englhish and I didn´t understant a word she said, she had a a terrible pronounce, is as though she didn´t care to be understood, . Não pega bem... But having a litlle accent is nice and cute, even sexy :lol:
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Well, the communication is more important than the accent. But, if you want to lose it, I think that, first of all, you have to speak correctly (pronunciation skills). While you are studying english, you are losing your accent naturally, so don't lost your mind trying to do it.