Is the term "observed rejection " in Chemistry correct?

PLS! I'm just finishing my university work, even though I got this doubt that keeps me stuck.

Obtained results were compared with other techniques reported in the literature as satisfactory in this objective. Compaction, hydraulic permeability, and later, rejection tests were carried out. They were done 6 bars in triplicate through individual and mixed solutions of compounds, being collected three times for later quantification of observed rejection estimate. The mixed solution provided satisfactory numbers of observed rejection as well as individual ones showing that the interaction with a higher number of compounds with the membrane did not affect the proposed method efficiency, achieving all tests “observed rejection” superior to 90%.

Thank you!
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My suggestion is this:

Observed rejection rate / total / or estimate, depending on the situation.

The last sentence, for example:
"... Achieving all tests observed rejection rate superior to 90%.