Is there any chance English can be replaced with Spanish?

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Avatar do usuário ernando 10
I hope not! :?

I like so much English, I really want that it still in its place like the Global Language, it's not about hating Spanish, the real thing is that I don't like the way Spanish sounds like. And about Mandarim, well it can happen because of the growing period it's experiencing, but people says that it's really hard to learn Mandarim, so if it happen, it will take a long period of time to be done, maybe not in our existence. ;)
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I think Gustavo summarized well. Although China's economy is increasing day by day, the influence of English language in the whole world is incomparable. English as a global language is used for communicative purposes. Mandarin may be learnt for commercial reasons, but it wouldn't be the second language for many people. The difference of English to other languages is the fact that it is a worldwide language, a scenery which I believe that is soon to change.
Avatar do usuário Marlon X19 1015 4 17
leandrocs1310 escreveu:I don't think so, we've seen that the most powerful nation decides that, then, the USA! People all over the world speak the language they will mostly use for business and to go to a developed country, so I think English will still be the most spoken in the world (in importance). Otherwise, English is easier than Spanish (not for us, 'course), although English is also difficult, why didn't the world choose Esperanto? It's so much easier!Concluding, if the USA changes his language to Spanish, the world will speak Spanish!

I think english will never be replaced by spanish... But I think english is easier than spanish.

Mandarim? ... no way! :lol:
There is no chance. The English always will be the first language around the world. The chinese language is a hard language, is more easy everyone learn English to communicate in business world. Everyone know that in few time chinese Economy will be the first around the world, but it is no mean that all world need to learn Chinese, the own Chineses has known great difficulty in others people in learn Chinese,therefore they have studied so hard english.
Avatar do usuário Lucas PAYNE 260 7
Good question to talk about.

I think both are very importante in terms of economy and I'm sure that english will never be replaced by spanish or mandarim,portuguese. why?

Because when we talking about spanish we're thinking Spain, Spain is very important but when we're talking about english imediatly we're thinking about, englad,United states,walles,Scootland, some very powerfull countris.

Spanish,portuguese,mandarim are very important but english language have years of history and (nos dias de hoje) english definitely can not be replaced.
Can you imagine 1,8 billion(natives and speaking like a second language by wikipédia) of People need to learn Spanish? could be is a global disaster.
However is a good question to do in the next 10 years.
Hello Everyone!
Never! I guess, because English became the language more spoken in the World, so I don't think that the Spanish language would be more spoken than the English one day.
Anywhere you go and if you don't know how to speak the native language of the place you are, of course that if you speak English the people will speak with you.
I think that English will keep the status of the first universal language. The origin of the english language have common sources of other influent languages around the world and it's makes the learning process easier for many people of different nacionalities. And about the chinese development, China is a country of social inequalities, and even it's getting more and more financially prosperous, the poverty of millions is a ghost that the chinese government needs to fight first off all. The Spanish is a strong language and following english, it's the most popular language nowadays.

Please, correct my mistakes friends!

Avatar do usuário Marlon X19 1015 4 17
Lerningrafa, farei algumas pequenas correções:

The origin of the Englsih language has* common sources from* other ingluent... and it* makes the learning process easier for many people from* different nacionalities.
and even though* it's getting more and more... first of* all.

I think these are the mistakes. :)
Avatar do usuário Izabella Bruno 630 3 10
Never kkk Spanish has a grammar as difficult as Portuguese,which makes it much more complicated because English grammar is easy! Madarim? Impossible! We need to evaluate the better language, more accessible language and mandarim is pretty hard!
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