Is there any chance English can be replaced with Spanish?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3925 1 9 88
Question: Is there any chance English can be replaced with Spanish? I.e. Will Spanish language become the dominant language in the world? What about Mandarin?

Answer: Spanish can help Brazil to increase opportunities in Mercosul, but I’m sure it won’t replace English. Regarding Mandarin, I believe China is becoming a great economy, reason for US to start getting preoccupied about. But I also think Chinese people are aware their language is very difficult and can stop some commercial business; and they have already showed how hard-working they are when it comes to studying English!

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Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 70 2
I agree with you Flavia, but chances are that english would never be replaced, at least by the spanish language. Mandarin? Mmhm of course China's in an ongoing work that causes rapidness to its development. It is changing so fastly that makes you dizzy, I think. As clear as it shows itself, and as a consequence, China's language would be in greater number as the Country achieves its objectives [being the #1 potence in the world] and it is natural. But at this moment, english still is in the position they have been so far. And I agree when Flavia says that Mandarin is a difficult language to learn. Taking it from this viewpoint, we see that English, even if China is declared as the 1# potence, will still remain in its place.

Hi, there.

I think that Mandarin is very very hard work, you need learn draw simbols to know , another pronunciations.... and consequently you spend many years ever you get a teacher drumming into.

You don't find out enough stuff so easy like English.

I wounder that the most of people in the world are learning English as second idiom when you go to any airport in the world you certainly see warning sign in English.

After learning English, Spanish would be a good ideia, but Mandarin...
Avatar do usuário maryziller 305 1 1
More and more people are learning Mandarin. It is sure to be a major player soon. The sheer numbers of speakers of Chinese outnumber English speakers. In the US Spanish speakers are gaining ground; their birthrates surpass non-hispanic citizens.There are bilingual schools to accomodate Spanish speaking students in areas densely populates by people of Hispanic origin.
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
Overall no.
The English language will always be the most worldwide language in the whole world. And the trend is about to increase through the years.
But, it's important to have fluency in Spanish too, because it's the second most important language in the world. In South America for exemple, a great part of times English will be replaced by Spanish...
Avatar do usuário Logan18 30
Well guys, I agree with Flávia about spanish, but today is such necesary as english to become fluent in spanish here in RJ mainly there are several companys originates from Spain. With that we have chance to change knowledge and learn another important idiom. Regarding Mandarin I don't remember where but I read some news regarding this idiom saying that it will be important learn mandarin because the commerce between the biggest economies in the world, Brazil is not out of this group.
* Remember one day we'll be the great global economy, because we have many commodities and products that foreign countries do not have..
I'm not sure Spanish can replace English, however I think German can do it. If you don't know, German is the most spoken second language in Europe. There is a risk with every language that becomes so popular, they can disapear. Have a look what happened with Latin. Latin was the most spoken language in its time. However, people who use it, get started to change it to their ways. So, Now we have portuguese, italian, french, spanish, and so on. Some of you can't agree with me. But I'm not saying that English will disapear.
I don't think so, we've seen that the most powerful nation decides that, then, the USA! People all over the world speak the language they will mostly use for business and to go to a developed country, so I think English will still be the most spoken in the world (in importance). Otherwise, English is easier than Spanish (not for us, 'course), although English is also difficult, why didn't the world choose Esperanto? It's so much easier!

Concluding, if the USA changes his language to Spanish, the world will speak Spanish!
Spanish will never replace English. Most of the country where spanish is the oficial language are poor (bolivia, venezuela....), while English is spoken in England, USA, Canadá...
Now, about Mandarin.... I think It has no chance to become more important than english.
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Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2205 7 54
I don't think so. As a language, English sounds really better than Spanish and any other language. Besides that, its structure is easier to comprehend. Sorry to say, but Mandarin is a mess and too much complicated, even Chinese people don't understand each other, no chance!

That's it!