It's Saturday or It's on Saturday?

Hey guys, I have a doubt. What is it correct (see below)?

a) It's Saturday

b) It's on Saturday

There is still more this:

a) It's Halloween

b) It's on Halloween

What's it correct between these setences?

I thought in this:
It's Saturday (É sexta-feira)
It's on Friday (É na sexta-feira) - For example, answering the question: When is the party?

Have a good day everyone!

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Hi folks!

To sum up, the first is the answer when having a "yes or no" question. As for the second, it is the usual way to talk about how often sth happens, or to mention the day of the week in which we do/take/ or whatever sth (that structure with this meaning, you see, can be applied for any day of the week).

From my point of view, it is not about the correct way. They are different, see:

It is Saturday = é sábado (tradução literal)
What is the best day of the week?
I guess it is Saturday.

Which day is after Friday? (lame question, but still right :roll: )
it is Saturday.

it is On Saturday(s) = é no sábado, aos sábados.
How often do you study English?
On Saturdays. (Aos sábados)

It is on Saturday that I can really be part of the forum.
On Saturdays I do lots of things.

It is pretty common to use "on" when talking about days, but not necessarily using "it is" ;)


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É por aí mesmo, colega.

Imagine que você me pergunte que dia é hoje. Eu digo "it is Sunday". Ou seja, hoje é domingo. Mas se tu me perguntar quando é que tem uma festa aqui na vizinhança, eu digo que é na terça que vem, ou seja, "it is on Tuesday".
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Normally answering a when-question "it´s on Saturday.", you guessed this one right.

The common way is to say "on Saturdays" (my days-off are on Saturdays...on Saturdays I read a lot....etc.)

If you wanted to convey surprise or you are so happy, for example you are raring to go to the beach, and finally you woke up on Saturday (that you waited so much!). Then you, out of exciment, could say "It´s Saturday!" (finally it is Saturday/It´s Saturday at last!)
By way of exclamation then.

It´s Saturday or It´s Halloween, would need something to specify it:
it´s Saturday night/It´s Halloween time, etc.

My educated guess here, others may comment on.

Ah, and I agreed. Other case of "it´s Saturday" would be if someone asked you "what day is today?" or similar question (as "what days is it today? what date is today? what day are on? etc)
To some of those questions, I think just "Saturday" would do, but certainly could be both ways.
Hey folks, really thank you all

Have a good Sunday everybody!