Itself pode ser substituído por outro Pronome Reflexivo?

anita 13
Hi, guys! I saw this expression in a text, and I found its meaning as:

with respect to its inherent nature; "this statement is interesting per se"
(synonym) intrinsically, per se, as such

However, I'd like to know if "itself" can be replaced by any other reflexive pronouns.
Thank u in advance for your help!

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

I couldn´t understand your question.Can you explain it again?

Logan18 1
donay mendonça escreveu:Anita,

I couldn´t understand your question.Can you explain it again?


Donay, I guess she would like to ask you if " itself " can be replaced for some other reflexive pronoun, because the expression that she found " per se ", may be equivalent to "itself".
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Check Google, for ex., for "in and of himself". It's possible, but not very common, other than "in and of itself."

Generally I'd say you'll sound better if you choose "inherently" or "intrinsically" instead of "in and of itself."

anita 13
Donay, Logan got me right. Thank you all, especially Henry! ;)
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Some more information to supplement the answers:

You can use "in and of itself/himself/herself/themselves".It al depends on the context you are.

Here is what Google says:

In and of itself:251,000,000(ocurrences)
In and of himself:408,000,000
In and of herself:82,600,000
In and of themselves:224,000,000

What does "in and of themselves" mean?

It refers to something (or things) as standing completely alone for objective study. For example, money in and of itself isn't a problem because money is simply coins or pieces of paper that are exchanged for goods, services, etc. But when you take money and add people to the mix, it can become a problem because many people are greedy so they try to take more than their fair share, and you also have corrupt people who try to take money away from people under false pretenses. Here's another example: Alcoholic beverages in and of themselves are not a bad thing because they just sit on shelves and don't cause any harm to anyone while they're sitting there. But again, once you add people to the mix, many of whom will drink until they get plastered and then try to drive, you then have a problem. See how it works?

Good luck!
anita 13
Yes, Donay! I now see clearly how it works. Thanks a bunch!