Know x Meet Africa: Qual é o certo?

Hi guys, I'm making a project and I'd like to say "Conheça a África" inviting you to meet its culture and tradition by reading. But I don't know if it's MEET AFRICA! or KNOW AFRICA! Which is the correct one?
thanks in advance! ;)

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Conhecer doesn't always translate literally. In English, you don't 'meet' a country, but you can 'know' Africa in the sense that you are very familiar with it. When you travel to a country for the first time you say 'I went to Africa' or 'I have been to Africa'.

This is what you want: "GET TO KNOW AFRICA!" which means 'learn more about Africa'.
Oh yeah, I thought about this one too! Anyway, thanks a lot dlr!
Donay Mendonça 23 108 1.6k

I agree with Dlr,

"Get to know Africa".

Good Luck!
Obrigada queridos, a capa do meu trabalho foi "Get to know Africa" mesmo :D