Largar o emprego para fazer um intercâmbio?

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Two views here, indeed your experience is interesting, and shows that you were above average from the very beginning. That is, one can conclude from the fact that you saved, a thing that many people when get their first job they get into a spending binge (and then they marry etc, turning themselves slaves of that very job...)
One thing is certain, the best asset you had ever is the experience itself; and the learning from it, because many go out there and don´t learn a thing, or -conveniently - forget about it.
One has to get out his comfort zone, here or elsewhere. Many have to learn the hard way, though, and to those is impossible to hold up at the hem of mummys´s skirts. Perhaps independence and growing up is the great achievement of all, and that is also part of education. ;)
My wish is good luck and I support any choice, one has to weigh his odds and know himself before going. By the way, American parents send their offsprings to distant educational hubs to get university education and experience, as a way to get them growing up as well.
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