Larger Amygdalas = Lots More Friends

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From my local paper at ... le1849957/

"People with large, highly complex social networks tend to have larger amygdala regions than those with fewer friends, according to a study published in Nature Neuroscience."

I can just see amygdala enlargement clinics popping up all over the country with promises of improving our social lives. (Why not, it's worked for other body parts.)
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Henry! I didn't know we had amygdalas in our brains. I only knew about that one in our throats...
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Tonsilas palatinas, localizadas na garganta;
Amígdala cerebelosa, localizada no cérebro, faz parte do sistema límbico;
Amígdala faríngea, situada no tecto da rino-faringe;
Amígdala lingual, folículo situado na base da língua;
Amígdala, vilão da DC Comics, inimigo do Batman.
fonte: Wikipedia

Ué, e a Amidala do Star Wars???
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Yes, those in the throat are called tonsils. Tonsil removal used to be common procedure especially for children, but no longer I guess. Thank goodness the medical profession never got into amygdala removal or we`d have no friends at all. That would be very sad, wouldn`t it?
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Yes, it would be very sad.

As you could see "tonsils" are named "Tonsilas palatinas" in Pt but I have to say I never heard that in my life (btw that's very "Spanish"). "Retirar as amígdalas" is a very common procedure here as well, esp for children when they have constant sorethroats - why aren't they called throataches? dor de cabeça = headache, dor nas costas = backache, dor de garganta should be throatache. Well, some adults sometimes also have to undergo that surgery. A friend of mine did that some weeks ago and now is living on juices and soups.

p.s.: vivendo à base de suco e sopa = living on juices and soups? If not, please suggest a better one (tks in advance!)
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That sounds fine to me. You can use them generically in the singular: living on juice and soup.

You can say "my throat aches," but it's definitely "a sore throat." You can refer to any muscle (back, leg, etc) as being sore as well. There is a difference between being sore and aching; how would it be in Portuguese: doendo and ... what?

Tonsillectomies are indeed much rarer today in North America, and are being done more for reasons of abstruction than infection, according to what I read.