Lawful x Legal: Qual a diferença

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No dicionários ambas as palavras tem a mesma definição. Alguém saberia a diferença entre as duas e quando utilizá-las?

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Lawful é popularmente usado como sinônimo de Legal, mas formalmente existem algumas diferenças.

["The terms lawful and legal differ in that the former contemplates the substance of law, whereas the latter alludes to the form of law. A lawful act is authorized, sanctioned, or not forbidden by law. A legal act is performed in accordance with the forms and usages of law, or in a technical manner. In this sense, illegal approaches the meaning of invalid. For example, a contract or will, executed without the required formalities, might be regarded as invalid or illegal, but could not be described as unlawful."

Essa tradução não tem nenhum valor legal, e está aqui apenas para informação.

"Os termos “lawful” e “legal” se diferenciam na forma que “lawful” contempla a essência da lei, enquanto “legal” faz alusão à forma da lei. Um “lawful act” é autorizado, sancionado, ou não proibido pela lei.

Um “Legal act” é realizado em conformidade com as formas e usos da lei, ou de modo técnico. Nesse sentido, “ilegal” aborda o sentido de inválido. Por exemplo, um contrato ou testamento executado sem as formalidades exigidas, poderá ser considerado inválido ou “ilegal”, mas não seria descrito como “unlawful” (inlícito)." ]

Podemos entender desse modo

Lawful = algo lícito (não existe nada que proíba fazer isso)
legal = algo feito legalmente (cumprindo os requisitos da lei, cumprindo o passo a passo da lei.)

Ex. As pessoas dentro de um pais são livres para formalizar contrato uma com a outra, então isso seria descrito como "a lawful act". Mas se o contrato for feito de modo que vá contra a lei, (idade das partes, condição mental, ameaças), o contrato poderia ser descrito como "an illegal contract"
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>> legítimo, legal.

1. Legal [estabelecido por lei].
2. Jurídico.

There is a difference between these two adjectives regarding the aspects of the law.

In fact, they differ in that lawful contemplates the substance of law [If I need to be more precise, I would say its content], whereas legal is used to refer to the form of law [in other words, its form and appearance].

Another point that I would like to enphazise is related to the meanings or senses of the adjective lawful:

1. Conformable to or allowed by law;
2. According to custom or rule or natural law;
3. Authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law;
4. Having a legally established claim.

It is clear that the 4th sense is the reason many people believe both lawful and legal mean the same. However, the more we study Law the more we comprehend the difference between these two words.

An act which is lawful implies that it is authorized, sanctioned, or at any rate not forbidden, by law. The term lawful more clearly suggests an ethical content than does the word legal.

An act which is legal denotes compliance with technical or formal rules or, to be more specific, an act which was done or performed in accordance with the forms and usages of law, or in a technical manner.

In this sense the term illegal approaches the meaning of invalid. Legal fraud is possible, but lawful fraud is a contradiction in terms.

Note, however, that a lawful writ, warrant, or process is the same as a legal writ, warrant, or process.

Shall we consider an example?

As we know a marriage is lawful. And we also know that the Government cannot give a license or permit you to do anything that is unlawful. Nonetheless the Government insists you have a marriage license / certificate so that your marriage is legal. If however we can do something legally with a license / certificate, we can do the same thing lawfully without one.

Lawful speaks of freedom while legal speaks more of being bound.

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É possível ver aqui uma discussão sobre isso em outro forum: ... and-lawful
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Very good explanation. In other words one could affirm that
" Cigarettes and alcohol are legal drugs." ( Sorry for the horrible example...)