Legenda em vídeo do Máscara

Gostaria que alguem colocasse a legenda em ingles na resposta pra esse video pelo menos o começo

(The mask)

Eu entendo uns 40% mas quando eles falam rapido eu me confundo todo alguem tem uma dica para melhorar isso?
ou algum site com legendas em ingles de desenhos filmes e etc?

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4 respostas
quando ele usa a máscara, fala MUITA coisa louca... até eu não consegui entender a parte 0:34, pois o que ele diz é uma corrupção de inglês velho tipo Shakespeare.

0:08 - Why always the silent treatment Walter? Why can't we communicate better?
0:15 - One ??? to a customer, bub!
0:22 - Yikes, I'm missing the early-bird breakfast at the Bluebird Diner!
0:28 - woah! Time's just whizzing by...
0:30 - Hoho! En garde!
0:34 - ????, mine fishy snout will cleave thy bunk! (???)
0:46 - Spring forward! Fall back...
1:01 - My face is my fortune! And breakfast is my religion! Yee Haw! Time for some bulldog gravy and some biscuits!
1:22 - Ughh.. heaven help me... bulldog gravy and biscuits...
1:33 - Ahh! Stan man? I was about to file a missing persons report on you!
1:38 - Oh yeah.. sorry I'm late Charlie.. I've had a rough morning.
1:42 - No kiddin' - you look like roadkill! But, put on your best face.. I want you to meet our new hotshot employee! Stanley, meet Chet Bozak.
1:55 - Stanley Ipkiss! My oh my it's been a long time! huhuhuh
2:01 - Chet Bozak? You're the new ...the new employee?
2:05 - You guys know each other?
2:07 - We haven't seen each other since high school!
2:13 - Say! We had some swell times, didn't we? Huh?!
2:19 - Yeah.. real swell..
2:24 - Stanley Upchuck! I'd like you to meet my old pal - Melvin! huhuhuhuh.. What's wrong Stanley Dipstick? You're lookin a little 'flush'! Here's my term project Mr. Filbert - Stanley 'Doorstop'! huhuhuh
2:49 - Stanley Doorstop...
2:51 - Yeah Stanley Doorstop I remember that! The infamous wood-shop caper! That was the one that got me expelled from Egg City High!
3:03 - Sorry about that..
3:04 - ohh.. don't be sorry! I had it coming! It's not right to go around wood-gluing things to peoples' skulls! Besides, you made a lousy door stop! huhuhuhuh
3:22 - Stan man, you look like you've seen a ghost!
3:25 - I have, and his name is Chet Bozak - evil clown king of mayhem!
3:30 - I thought you two were old buddies?!
3:32 - Naww, he always blamed me for getting expelled from school. You know what Charlie, you know what.. he's holding a grudge I just know it!
3:38 - Come on, Stan! What's he gonna do? Swipe your lunch money?
3:41 - No! Because that's not his style... He wants to flush me!
3:47 - So he's into water sports! The way you're talking you'd think he were the Mask or something!
3:51 - The Mask!!
3:58 - NOooo!
4:01 - Gosh gollies! I was just looking for the washroom key!
4:07 - Eh em.. you see, I, I take my office supplies very seriously, Chet.
4:13 - What's with the wooden mask?
4:18 - uh uh uh what wooden mask? Washroom key?
4:24 - I'll get it!
4:28 - Showing Chet your organizational skills?
4:30 - Come on Stanley! Let's check out the indoor plumbing! For old time's sake! huhuhuhuh
4:37 - I TOLD you he wants to flush me!
4:39 - Easy, Stan! You're a 10 on the tension meter!
4:42 - I, I gotta take my break early...
4:53 - Whew! He's one guy I can't let you get anywhere near! Ahh He's another!
5:11 - Hey!! .... what? Not even a scratch! Well, guess I'm stuck with ya! Woah!!
5:23 - Heh heh, look Walter - no mask! Honest! ahhhh
5:31 - heheh good old indestructible mask saved my bacon! wait a minute, that Walter packs quite a punch!
5:43 - *gasp* I gotta find the other half before Walter!
5:48 - Oh come on! What am I worried about! It can't possibly work if it's broken! ... can it?
6:02 - ssssssssssssssmokin! Hey what are you doing here?
6:08 - Oh boy....
6:11 - Well split my skull and call me 2/3 Neapolitan! Looks like it's half wedgie night at the police precinct, eh??
6:18 - I don't believe this!
6:20 - Meh, neither do I! Your cheap threads are cramping my style, babe! What did you do with the rest of the tablecloth?
6:25 - Nevermind that! I've... We've gotta stop Walter! Even half the mask could give him incredible powers!
6:31 - Yeah... stronger words never spoken... But first!
6:35 - What 'but first'? What!? WOAAAH
6:44 - The Monkey Movie Marathon... 9 hours of fun, fur, and bananaaaas!

Cara voce tem skype , msn ou orkut? passa pra mim ae preciso muito manter contado com alguem que seja nativo
Alguem pode legendar esse outro video assim como o de cima em ingles pelo menos até 2:56?
É que eu legendei até essa parte e gostaria de saber se fiz certo?
Que massa, eu adoro o Máskara! ;D