Leitura de livros em inglês

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Paulo, The review that did you make is about "The Last Juror"?
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Blink is non-fiction book with a thesis, that we can make decisions on a bat of an eye, if equipped to such.
The Age of Extremes (Eric Hobsbawn) is an account of the pressures of this time, of the revolution of novelties and in life styles. It offers insightful views on the flow of people due to their jobs, how change affects our individual and collective psyche. Written as a personal account, most of the time.
Doesn´t Know How She Does It. - It´s a fiction novel, but funny, about how an executive woman juggles her job, family, house and travelling to other countries and back to the UK, it´s hilarious! Well, if you are not her...with so many tasks, and funny-commic situations.

Nothing Lasts forever - Sidney Sheldon (this guy is a good story-teller!)
The Strain - a science/medical novel, very good!
Tornado Down/Black Hawk Down - Both are all about military operations, the former was about two RAF´s men that went down in the desert and got caught. The latter is about an operation in the African Mogadishu (Somalia), it went wrong and a true battle ensued, the rescue came at the very last, but the US lost some guys there.

Nineteen Eight-Four - By George Orwell, it´s a real classic, up to day. It keeps a familiar ring, when it comes to the state of events in comtemporary and those of yesterday´s society.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet´s nest - by Stieg Larson, Good in a way, the guy is a good story-teller, but his novels are graphic in some parts. Not to the faint of heart.

The Girls With The Dragon Tattoo - Same way.

The White Queen - By Phellipa Gregory, an historical novel, very good. But, it´s a long read, Mrs. Gregory´s novels never takes less than 500 pages. So, patience!

The Boleyn Inheritance - Ditto. Don´t ever say I didn´t say so!

Slumdog millionaire [Quem quer ser um milionário.] - By Vikas Swarup. A must-read novel, made into film afterwards. It would be an injustice to leave it out.

All Said and Done - By Simone de Beauvoir, non-fiction memoir of sorts. She offer a glimpse of how was France at the time, depicts her career, life, works, feelings and colourful events of her life and that of her friends. I would say, a tell-all account. Very good author.

Future Shock - Similar in style to the Age Of the Extremes. Personal accounts and it´s relation with facts in the world at large.

Switch, How to Change Things... - By Chip Heath/Dan Heath, insightful ideas how to break the inertia, the general aversion to change, and self-sabotage that we and other people put at work, even if sometimes we don´t even are aware of that.

That´s not to mention that I read, on a regular basis, The Guardian, BBC, Newsweek (now just online), Time magazine, Speak Up (the magazine, in the printed form.), The Boston Globe, Wire (a computer and techie mag.), The Economist, The Age (.au), Forbes Magazine, and sometimes People Magazine, TMZ...

Then comes the cartoons: Dilbert, Lola, Andy Capp, Rose is Rose, Calvin and others from the GoComics...

Wikipedia, for data and more serious studies.

Yahoo_News, Google_News (mostly USA, UK and Rio/Brazil).

I think it suffices for a beggining!
Eu comprei alguns livros da coleção Cambridge reading club, os livros são separados por niveis e acompanha o cd com a narração.
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Eu costumo alternar entre inglês e português, leio em média 30 livros por ano, dos quais 15 são em inglês, mas até agora não consegui ler nenhum dos clássicos até o final. Atualmente estou lendo "Snow" de Orhan Pamuk, e tenho tido um pouco de dificuldade, ele usa um vocabulário um pouco diferente do que estou acostumada, mas procuro não parar a cada palavra desconhecida que encontro. Tento entender o significado pelo contexto , mas marco a palavra com marca texto para confirmar depois se entendi corretamente. Mas os livros onde encontro mais de 10 palavras desconhecidas por página, costumo abandonar. Fica muito difícil e chato quando você tem que parar a leitura muitas vezes para consultar um dicionário. Portanto, aconselho a quem está começando a ler em inglês que peguem livros de fácil leitura e com um tema que agrade .