Letra "C" na frente do horário

Hi, everyone!

Bom, hoje eu estava vendo a programação de uma TV Norte-Americana, e reparei que tinha uma letra "C" na frente dos horários. Eu gostaria de saber o que significa essa letra.

Veja um trecho da programação:
|9:00PM - The Walking Dead

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Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 53325 21 86 1249
O link a seguir traz respostas a respeito. Confira.

As horas e formas de escrevê-las

Bons estudos!
Avatar do usuário Judy Friedkin 720 2 20
I have never noticed that but it probably means Central time as opposed to Eastern Standard time, for example.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42745 6 33 753
Looks like, to me, that it´s a "mark'' to make distinction from to the normal time.

(the schedule with "c" )

That would be to make distinction between a time in a city that observes daylight saving time and other that doesn´t.
For example the cities that border officialy other region (I mean here, time zone) and observes the fuse of the region of their choice, the neighbouring one.
For example the Navajo Nation.

http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/m ... ne_map.htm


This way, somebody that lives in a given time zone that doesn´t adopt the saving time don´t need to make the conversion. It is on the TV schedule both times, so nobody is going to lose his preffered show.

Similar to what is happening in Brazil this year. That is, Tocantins state the last year observed the DST, being a state of North region (as if it was of Center-West Region). This way Tocantins adopted the DST last year, but not this year.

And in Brazil, TV schedules don´t follow the "c" pattern (whatever c is), should it follow in Northeastern TV channels would have a letter indicating that.
One just knows that TV shows, News time and programming schedules in general will be aired one hour before the usual time.
Avatar do usuário Judy Friedkin 720 2 20
The show isn't shown 2 times. In the advertisements it says something like 8:00, 7:00 Central time. So if you are on Central time you tune in at 7:00. I just never saw it abbreviated.
Avatar do usuário Judy Friedkin 720 2 20
I just clicked on one of your links and the c looks like it represents the time it is shown in Canada. That is probably why I never see it because in the states we only are alerted about our own time differences and the time zone is written out not abbreviated. that is my best guess.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42745 6 33 753
And the best guess presented up to now, I must admit.
Avatar do usuário Dourado 1105 2 23
Everytime I see it, it's just like Judy said: c is for Central time.

Shows are usually shown twice: once for the East coast and another for the West coast. The local time is the same, so if a network says a show airs at 8/7c, it will air at 8pm in New York (Eastern time) and at 8pm in LA (Pacific time). The reason they add that 7c is because the show also airs in Chicago (Central time) at the same time as in NY (even if they are in different time zones).

If you are in Denver (Mountain Time), then it's a problem: that show may air at 9pm (if they follow the West coast transmission), but also at 7pm (if they have a separate feed - there usually is an 1-hour delay).

For live events, then it's straightforward: 8/7c means 8 in New York, 7 in Chicago, 6 in Denver, and 5 in LA.
Avatar do usuário Dourado 1105 2 23
It's actually a bit more complicated for the Mountain Time. Look what I found:

http://suite101.com/a/a-simple-guide-to ... on-a143992

"On Major U.S. Networks, 8/7 Central Means:
8 Eastern
7 Central
7 Mountain
8 Pacific
[that means 3 feeds: 1 for Eastern and Central Times, 1 for Mountain, and 1 for Pacific]

On Cable TV, 8 PM ET Usually Means One of These Scenarios:

Scenario 1 (E!, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network):
8 Eastern
7 Central
9 Mountain
8 Pacific
[that means 2 feeds: 1 for Eastern and Central Times and 1 for Mountain and Pacific]

Scenario 2 (Nickelodeon, AMC, Lifetime):
8 Eastern
7 Central
6 Mountain (Except Arizona)
8 Pacific
[that means 3 feeds: 1 for Eastern, Central, and Mountain Times and 1 for Pacific]

Scenario 3 (A&E, MTV, VH1, USA Network):
8 Eastern
7 Central
6 Mountain
5 Pacific"
[that means 1 feed only]
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42745 6 33 753
Back to the crux, the Jean Mohican question. It has to do with time zone.
Anyway, as Dourado pointed out, for example, if you see in the TV schedule (here the one I had posted):

Graveyard Shift 11:00 AM/10:00 c

As per Dourado´s explanation, it will be aired at:
Central Means:
11:00 AM Eastern
10:00 AM Central
10:00 AM Mountain
11:00 AM Pacific
[that means 3 feeds: 1 for Eastern and Central Times, 1 for Mountain, and 1 for Pacific]

[of course, if the TV Network is based on some city from the Central Time zone.]