Letra incompleta! (Krist Van D feat. Reminiscence-Feel Me)

Avatar do usuário Adriano Japan 815 2 17
Pô galera, vlw mesmo!!
Agora já está 99,9% completa! :mrgreen:
Quando tiver uma chance, pergunto a algum nativo aquela última parte lá...
Thanks again! :mrgreen:


Feel me as you always feel
Tell me all the things you need
Give me what you wanna give, I'll be so glad
Touch me with a gentle breath
Whisper that you wanna kiss
Take me to the land of luck
I'll say wake

You can tell me everything you are
I'll be there for calling
No one else knows what you not really want[
won't tell him don't worry
I found in your eyes a real peace to me
don't let them close cause I'll disappear
don't let me go I wanna be with you

:?: :?: :?: To touch the sky - feel it like you do

Trust me as you want me to,
love me as I used to do
feel me as much as you can
I'll be so glad

Find love in the tears of me
True heart, you make me believe
give me, all your memories, dreams
we'll be free

baby, just trust me
feel me
find my love
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