Likelyhood of me dying/die; reason for me to do/doing

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It's been a long time since my last visit here, it's good to be back :).

First of all, I've already seen examples about whether I should use To infinitive or Gerund, however I haven't been able to make a conclusion about this question. Therefore, if some of you can help me, please I'll really appreciate your help.

Below I'll give some examples what I'm talking about.

The likelihood of me dying/to die is high.

This is another reason for me to do/doing this.

Is there any rule for this?, or is this optional?
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I won´t say one is wrong and the other is right, I will say that there are preferences (based on guidelines).
So, the guideline here is:
Infinitives are best for use in sentences about actions that are unreal or abstract, or that will occur in the future.
The likelihood of me dying/to die is high. (I have never walked a slackline and have, right now, that one to go from a side of the canyon to the other...)
The likelihood of me to be dying is high. (I am on a bed of hospital, having been attacked by a pack of wolves, then run over by a train, and being chewed up by a pyton). I tinkered with the sentence a bit, to get a working example. The action is not completed, but I am almost certain that it will be. It´s real to me. ... finitives/

The same goes to your second sentence, since the action has not happened yet. But with the addition of the verb to be, as I did, then the gerund would be called for/suitable.