Lista de expressões de satisfação ou insatisfação em inglês

Acho que seria interessante fazer uma relação de palavras que indiquem satisfação ou insatisfação com um tom exclamativo tais como : Great! Amazing! Awful!
Tanks. Waldir
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It woud make a huge list (uma lista bem grande):

amazing - I think the book was amazing (muito satisfeito) :D
annoying - He is always annoying (ele é sempre tão chato/irritante) :cry:
boring (-) (chato // tedioso)
charming (+) (encantador)
confusing (-) (confuso)
convincing (+) (convincente)
depressing (-) (deprimente)
disappointing (-) (desapontador)
embarrassing (-) (constrangedor)
exciting (-) (excitante // entusiasmante)
frightening (-) (assustador)
interesting (-) (interessante)
shocking (-) (chocante)
surprising (-) (surpreendente)
terrifying (-) (terrível/assustador)
{awful tb é terrível mas significando de ruim}
tiring (-) (cansativo)
worrying (-) (preocupante)
and so on

Exemplo: How was the trip? Como foi a viagem?
Tiring! (cansativa) Of course he/she is not satisfied.

Minha sugestão é: Quando aprender novos adjetivos, tente aplicá-los, make up sentences, contextualize, assim fica mais fáciol memorizar...

Bons estudos!

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Minha contribuição:

Alas interj. Used to express sorrow, regret, grief, compassion, or apprehension of danger or evil. (Insatisfação)

Alas, he loses his game by a few points.
Good things usually come in threes but, alas, not here.
We used to find gold nuggets down by the river. But, alas, that time has passed.
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Outras opções:

It sucks!
It is a real pain!
I can't stand it!
Thanks a lot! [irônicamente]

I'm glad to hear that!
Thanks a lot! [em agradecimento sincero]
It couldn't have come at a better time!

Bons estudos. Compartilhe.
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As an aside, it´s interesting that "awful" can also go either way, a contronym of sorts (a word that is their own antonym, depending on context, of course). Indeed, not the standard English way, but at times, mostly in informal or slangy English or depending of the region.

Awful - bad
extremely bad or unpleasant
He suffered awful injuries in the crash.
We had awful weather.
She's got an awful boss.

Source:Cambridge Dictionary.

That is, large, great, big, formidable... But not exceedingly good or bad. This is what causes trouble to me. At thesaurus synonyms are referenced as very bad, not very good or very bad.
"But "awful good" might be "standard" in Afro-American Vernacular English or rural Southern US English or any of the numerous regional and national versions of English."
Maybe this is the key, formidably good, largely good, but awful should remain impermeable to a bizarre synonymization with good, because it's origin is just the opposite. Talking about synonymization, I think this word should be at Wiktionary. Scholar All articles - Recent articles Results 1 - 10 of about 10,500 for synonymization. (0.12 seconds) El imp 03:58, 2 January 2009 (UTC)