Loan x Mortgage: Qual a diferença?

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Mortgages are types of loans that are secured with real estate or personal property.

A loan is a relationship between a lender and borrower. The lender is also called a creditor and the borrower is called a debtor. The money lent and received in this transaction is known as a loan: the creditor has "loaned out" money, while the borrower has "taken out" a loan.

The borrower pays back not just the principal but also an additional fee, called interest. Loan repayments are usually paid in monthly installments and the duration of the loan is usually pre-determined. Traditionally, the central role of banks and the financial system was to take in deposits and use them to issue loans, thus facilitating efficient use of money in the economy. Loans are used not just by individuals but also organizations and even governments.

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Loan - empréstimo.
Mortgage - hipoteca, financiamento (geralmente financiamento de habitação/imobiliário/imóvel - financiamento residencial).

Mortgage loan - empréstimo hipotecário.