Looking for students to practice English online

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Here is the link for her class on Sunday.

Learning English Online (LEO): Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Sunday, February 28 2010 | 11:00 AM (EST)

Starting in 2 days 23 hours 5 minutes

Teacher:Nellie Deutsch


Duration:40 minutes


Type:Public Class
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The LEO (Learn Egnlish Online) course is part of the Integrating Technology site.

They offer several free courses, not only in English. Nellie Deutsch, the English teacher, believe that education should be free and available to all.

If you arrive at this screen http://www.screencast.com/users/redcamarocruiser/folders/Jing/media/99302131-c534-411e-98f2-ca376f699074 after clicking on the LEO (Learn Egnlish Online) icon Imagem create an account or login with your gmail account.
When you log in with your google account (gmail), you have to update your profile by filling in the information it asks for.

Then you can enroll in the LEO course using the enrollment key learn8

You can create an account in their ning, too at http://integrating-technology.ning.com/ .

You are cordially invited to present, moderate, and participate in Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL).

Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning (IT4ALL)
I didn't receive your invitation. Can you send me again?
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I sent it again. If you con't get it, check that you gave me the correct e-mail, please.
Please, I would like to be invited too!
thanks a lot.
e-mail: samimenu10@gmail.com
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Hello Mary,

I want to be invited too :P