Mais significados para "about to" em português

I know it's "prestes a" e "está para", but I rarely hear Brazilians using these words. Whereas in English, we use "about to" like it's going out of style. I want to confirm the other translations, if they exist, like JÁ.

Someone is in the shower and they say "Já vou sair" - to me in English, that to me sounds like About to ??
And "já ia" - was about to?

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Among other ways to say that you could use:

As I was ready to (go home/to leave etc) =quando eu estava para sair...
When I was about to go away. = quando eu estava...
When I was ready to go =quando eu estava (pronto) para sair, mas também pode ser pronto para ir para algum lugar. Por exemplo, em contexto "When I was ready to go to the hospital...seria, quando eu estava para ir para o hospital..."

And other countless ways, depending on your imagination (and context as well.)

In the case "eu estava mesmo pra sair..." I was really going out...(say, when somebody else comes to a chat room, and you are bidding him bye, but you are excusing herself by saying he wasn´t the cause of your leaving. )
So you are saying in the context of Brazilians using "pronto" para fazer algo" = "about to" as well?

In your last paragraph, I would say "I was already leaving" or "I was already on my way out" (but I don't think anyone from English-speaking countries are that polite or care so much in chat rooms :-)
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"About to "as well, that´s right.

Ah, chat rooms...
In this case you would just say "I was just going anyway." it would do the trick.
Hello Andrew, Happy New Year!

Scene One. Suppose you are in the shower and your girlfriend is asking you if you are ready to go to a party. Then she says;

- Andrew, a festa vai começar em uma hora. Você já terminou de tomar banho?
- Andrew, estamos atrasados, você esta pronto?
Your answer:
- Sim, eu já vou sair!
- Yes, I am getting out right now!
- Estarei pronto em um minuto!
- I’ll be ready in a minute!

Scene Two. Suppose she gets in the bathroom and says;
- Andrew você esta pronto?
You could answer face to face:
- Eu já estava terminando quando você entrou!
- I was about to finish when you got in!

The word "Prestes a" is not very used on a daily basis except in written dictations of books or letters where someone is talking about an action that already happened.
Yay! so we have "pronto" and "já estava"
Right, I know, I never hear prestes (1 time last week on TV), but we use about to so much in English, hence the question

are there any more PT->EN about to?
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''Anderson Silva was about to defeat Weidman.''
Anderson Silva estava prestes a derrotar Weidman. [eu uso esta opção todos os dias.]
Anderson Silva estava a ponto de derrotar Weidman. [muito comum também]
Anderson Silva estava quase derrotando Weidman. [muito comum também]
Anderson Silva estava para derrotar Weidman. [muito comum também]

Bons estudos.