Making Of x Making Off: Qual é o certo?


Digite no google ou no Youtube e veja a quantidade de sites que cometem esse erro.

Here's a splendid misappropriation of an English phrase that's made its way around the world, mostly unbeknownst to the speakers of English itself: Mark Liberman at Language Log reports on the international term making off, meaning "The recording of the director and actors describing the making of a film." There is discussion at Mark's post of the mechanism of of becoming off, which is interesting, but what delights me is the variety of languages to which the term has spread. Mark lists Spanish ("un tutorial podría ser un making off"), French ("Il s'agirait d'une video du making-off du film Titanic"), Portuguese ("Participar do 'making off' dessas fotos maravilhosas"), Italian ("Così mi è venuta l'idea del making off, che nella prima stesura rappresentava quasi il sessanta per cento del film"), German ("Nachdem es ja jetzt hip ist über alles und jeden ein Making off zu machen"), and Dutch ("Vandaag is op het net het making-off filmpje opgedoken waarbij je de 'gangster' aan het werk kunt zien"), and Slavomír Čéplö (of the wonderful blog bulbulovo, sadly in hiatus) adds Slovak ("Prosim ta ked by si mal niekedy cas mohol by si uploadnut nieco z nasledujucich making off´s"—"note the English plural, the Slovak plural would be 'making off-ov'"), Czech ("V upoutávce na making off zvolili dost úsměvné věty"), Polish ("Strona składa się z 4 dużych części: portfolio agencji, nagrody, szkolenia i making-off, czyli kulisów produkcji"), Hungarian ("Föleg ha egy making off-ot megnézünk a GT-röl"), Finnish ("Making off-pätkät on tarpeellisia varsinkin muille videoita tekeville"), Maltese ("ma nafx imma waqt li kont qed nara il-making off u rajt lil kristina..."), and of all things Breton ("Aze e vo kavet ganeoc'h pep tra diwar benn pennoberenn Diwan, interview ar c'hoarierien, ur making off, an arvestoù c'hwitet gant hag all hag all"). This is truly remarkable, and I'd love to see somebody research the timeline: when it got started in which language, and what lines of transmission it followed.

And of course speakers of all those languages assume it's a perfectly good English word!

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Ok... I wanna be sure I've really understood.... What you mean is that..... making OFF is a reference to ONLY the recording of actors, director, etc, working in a MOVIE..... and Making OF is a kind of general expression to other situations...

Have I got it wrong?
No caso de "Fazendo o filme" ou "Bastidores do filme".
É correto utilizar um F só.

Mas muitas pessoas mesmo, utilizam os dois Fs, o que causa essa confusão.
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The phrase "to make off" exists, but it has nothing to do with "make of". It means "to escape with, flee with".

Who made off with my cookies?
The bandits made off with ten thousand dollars.

And there are to make on, make up, make out, etc.