Mary Ziller substituting for Nellie Deutsch again at Wiziq

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Hi readers,

I taught two classes as a substitute online for Nellie Deutsch recently. As many of you will know, Nellie teaches at twice a week as the live component of Learning English Online (LEO) at IT4ALL. You can register for her free classes.

I have not reviewed the recording yet to see how it went, but here is the link for one of the classes. ... e-country
The recording is sttill rendering (still in progress) for today's class ... adjectives
is the link for my class on adjectives when it finishes processing.

Some people said that my sound quality in the podcast that Alessandro did with me 100% in English was very poor. I rerecorded my segments and Flavia said they wer easier to understand.

If anyone is kind enough to view my wiziq recordings, would appreciate feedback on the recording.

1. Was the sound quality audible (loud enough)?
...Clear (or hard to hear because of poor enunciation, speaking too close to the microphone, too much back ground ...noise, echoing, sound breaking up)?
...Understandably spoken?

2. Did I speak too fast? I have been told in the past that I sometimes speak too fast, so I am working on that.

3. Anything else that you noticed that you want to share with me?

If anyone would like a copy of the adjective powerpoint I created for the wiziq LEO class, reply to this message and leave your e-mail and I will invite you to have access to the google presentatin doc. It was a collaborative effort by my teammates in a course I am taking where we are designing a free course for English learners, which we hope to launch in July, if it is ready then.

I shall get some lunch now. Talk to you soon (asynchronously), my friends.

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