Massacre no Rio de Janeiro - Em inglês

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Vejam um vídeo em inglês sobre este crime, que é de certa forma inédito no nosso país.

Dê sua opinião:

a. What do you think about it?

b. What was the gunman's motive?

c. Do you think it will happen again in Brazil?

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For the first time here in EE I'm not watching and not answering any question abou the topic - just because I can't.
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this kind of sh*t has happened many times in the US, and I don't know if there is anything you can really say or do. How do you stop crazy people from being crazy?
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Até antes de ontem meus pais eram contra eu ir morar fora.
Hoje tenho 100% de apoio !
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Many would rather not talk about it. They have heard (and dismissed) so many bad news, they would rather think of it as one more string to their bows that they cannot easily let go.
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I think it's easy for the president to cry at this moment.
They don't invest on schools. They don't care.
All this buzz is a bit of too much over the top reaction. Our politicians really don't care.
Our school system's always been taken for granted by our politicians.
If things like that happen, it's because of a much deeper reason.
And it might happen again, of course.
I just would like to know whether or not something is going to change for better
after this tragedy. I hope the city council doesn't abandon the school after all and that
they can actually be of assistance.
All my feelings for the families, children and school staff.
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Some say he(the gunman) learnt all him wanted by internet. Internet came to help people to live better but now we can see it is becaming step by step a bad tool.
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Vídeo off!