Middle School Won't Ban Cleavage

Kids didn't dress like this in middle school back in Francis Simanski's day. The former school teacher can't believe his eyes now. Boys with their underwear sticking half way up their backs. Girls showing off more midriff than a belly dancer.

Francis, now on the school committee in Sturbridge, had seen enough. He proposed a ban on "cleavage" at the Tantasqua Regional Junior High but last night the committee said no. Opponents did not want to turn teachers into the fashion police

Tantasqua High Principal Jennifer Lundwall told WBZ's Eileen Curran that the dress code issue is a delicate one. "We're dealing with adolescents here. I think it's a lot more sensitive than people realize." Principal Lundwall says they do have "pretty tight" dress code at the school already but it's up to administrators, not teachers, to deal with kids on a case by case basis. If a student is showing too much skin, they are pulled aside into a private meeting. They are given the option of going home and changing or putting on some clothes that the school has in storage. If they refuse to cover up, they get in-school suspension

How strict should a school dress code be? Should teachers or administrators have to act as "fashion police"? Are parents to blame here or are kids sneaking out with risque clothes on? Do we just need to accept that this is the way some kids dress these days?

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