Motivação: Edição 4 "The Leadership challenge"

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Obey without looking to the resources!

The greatest leaders are those who have done great things with few resources, see the example of Noah who built an ark of seven hundred feet, and did not ask for God: Where is the wood? where the bitumen? where are the workers?

Do not fear the difficulties, look at the goal!

Peter looked at Jesus while he was walking firmly on the water, but when he looked around and saw huge waves, and a violent storm he sank. So if you look the difficulties, your dreams, your intentions may fall through.

Be a person honourable, People need to trust you!

If you aren’t a trustworthy person, people will never hear or follow you as a good example, if you promise keep your word, if you decide do something like buying a car for 10,000.00 then joined 5,000.00 and buy it, don’t wait, don’t use the money to spend on other things.

Know how to communicate with people!

Nobody was born knowing to communicate, everything is a process where you have to practice, read good books, talk to people and improve every day, not only about communicate but in many areas in your life, we have to improve every day, prioritize the most important.

Do something!

Don’t wait, if you can do it, do it now, create, imagine, persist, learn, if you couldn’t get it, ask for help, ask for advices and apply them, and if you fail, then fix it quickly because the life doesn’t stop to wait you.

Know how to choose people!

Have criteria to select who will work with you, who you will trust. Don’t sell yourself, don’t be fooled by appearances or in the future, you may be betrayed.

Be careful! Don’t let the success go to your head!

Success is a strange land, a place where you've never been there, so be careful it has dangerous routes, people trying to stop you, they will come as a wolf in sheep's clothing and will offer you delicious dishes that you ever imagined however full of poison. Joseph could be a simple mediocre lover of his boss's wife, he already knew the dangers and consequences, so he made the right choice and became the great governor of Egypt. Never forget that our ways store several obstacles that we must overcome.

Always be grateful

Always thank those who help you, value them, be generous, return favors, give honor to whom deserves honor, especially thank God that gives you the breath, health, and that anyone would sell all of their goods in exchange it.

Esse texto é a minha interpretação resumida de uma palestra "Os desafios de um grande líder" com exemplos bíblicos por: Pastor Claudio Duarte.
"Os desafios de um grande líder"

Correções são bem vindas!!!


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Do something!

Don’t wait. If you can do it, do it now; create, imagine, persist, learn. If you couldn’t get it, ask for help, ask for some advice and apply the ones fit you or your cases. And if you fail, then fix it quickly because the life doesn’t stop to wait you.

I tinkered a tad, for me it had some "hickups" (many commas stopping the flow of the reading, the equivalent to a "stop and go" of the roadways.)
As for the advice part, advice is uncountable in English even if there are a good supply of them, lots of them.
Still, don´t blindy follow somebody´s else advice, you have to choose the ones you will make use. The way it originally was
said, make me think the reader would pick all of them despite one´s own discretion and judgement.
I know you didn´t meant so, that´s why I tinkered that part, anyway if it wasn´t your intent let us know.
Hugs, buddy. And any participant of the Forum feel free to correct my text, you know, my English is just passable. :D