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Música: There Is Song - Beautiful South

There's a bench in every park dedicated to
Those who sat there once but didn't make it through
There are names carved deep in bark on every tree
By those who spent their time like you and me

And wherever geography may place you now

There's a piece of history all folk carry around

Whatever your situation, whatever it may allow

There's an even larger piece in every lost and found

There is song, there's always a song

Wherever there's perfection there's a wrong

There's always song but a broken bond

And an unkissed frog in every village pond

There's a name that we graffiti'd up on a wall

To the folks who live there now, makes no sense at all

And in every underpass, on every street

A promise someone made but couldn't keep

A tiny piece of chalk in every coat

In every film the smallest lump in throat

In every song you've sung in every novel read

That unkissed love will rear, rear its head

There is song, there's always song

Wherever there's a right there's always wrong

There's always a song but a broken bond

And an unkissed frog in every village pond

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