Como dizer "Não tem quem não goste" em inglês

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Amigos como vocês diriam a frase abaixo na forma mais natural possível?

- Não tem quem não goste de fast food.

Have a blessed week.
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Donay Mendonça 58020 22 97 1386

Não tem quem não goste de fast food. [Everyone likes fast food.]
Não tem quem não goste de fast food. [Everyone loves fast food.]

Bons estudos.

PPAULO 47165 6 39 833
It´s impossible not to love fast food. (...or is it? Ha ha ha)

Now seriously:
It´s impossible not to love fast food, said the street food vendors. ;-)

PPAULO 47165 6 39 833
The "everyone" has a caveat though, it´s a bit of context-dependent or at least it could be on the "eye´s mind" of the beholder. A little bit, I mean.

As an instance "everyone hates Chris" was translated as "todo mundo odeia o Chris" instead of "não tem quem não odeie o Chris", not that it couldn´t be translated like that but in Portuguese it could lead to misinterpretation.
This comment is not to be understood as a denying of the previous, of Donay; but rather a complementary one. Would be directed mainly to the newbie and basic learner, as I was just yesterday (and still am in many ways and things). ;-)

PPAULO 47165 6 39 833
In similar vein the sentence "nobody can resist the temptation of fast food" is a persuasive marketing way of speaking (it suggests unanimity).
More realistically would be "nobody can resist some fast food now and then", marketing would leave out the "now and then" anyway.