O que significa "scores of .... em inglês"?

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Hi everyone!
Just few minutes ago I read a text saying "... Both are brought together scores of times in the bible..."
I could get its meaning as "a lot of", "several". It's a new expression for me. Do you have any better translation? Share please!
Thank You.
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Swarmfire is right. Additionally:

Score, in this sense, originally meant a group of 20, in the same way that a dozen is a group of 12, so any place there are "scores" of something, there are several multiples of 20.

In my mind, the minimum amount for "scores of something" would be 60, though other people might have a different threshold in their minds.

"Four score and 7 years ago" = 87 years ago

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Bem, você pegou direitinho o significado! A expressão seria Scores of something
No Longman eles vão dizer o mesmo:

A lot of people or things.

E o exemplo serve para confirmar:

Scores of reporters gathered outside the courthouse

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In a literal way, it would mean a group of twenty, a set of twenty.
In a figurative way it would mean "many/dozens of" (muitos/dezenas de...)

From the transcript of
https://static1.squarespace.com/static/ ... ustice.pdf
But in the Bible, tzadeqah refers to day-to-day living in which a person conducts all relationships in family and society with fairness, generosity and equity. It is not surprising, then, to discover that tzadeqah and mishpat are brought together scores of times in the Bible.
Here the last sentence would mean something like "não é surpreendente, então, se descobrir que tzadeqah e mishpat sejam encontradas juntas muitas vezes/dezenas de vezes na Bíblia."

"não é de causar surpresa, então, se descobrir que tzadeqah e mishpat sejam encontradas unidas/ligadas/em conjunto muitas vezes/dezenas de vezes na Bíblia."

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Just an aside note: muitos/dezenas de in English is dozens, is a very common way to express that. Spanish and Brazilian students sometimes get puzzled when they come up with such expression in English.
Conversely, sometimes they express their opinion using "tens of people" for example, and sometimes get corrected by "purists" that know both languages or natives that feel something amiss.
Just like the English cat that have nine lives and its counterpart (Brazilian one) has just seven!

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