O que significa ''You can dish it out but you can’t...''?

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Aqui vai uma expressão em Inglês quando uma pessoa gosta de criticar as outras mais quando o reverso acontece e o mesmo(a) é criticado, este se revolta e não aceita a crítica.

When someone easily criticizes other people but does not like it when other people criticize him or her:
“You can dish it out but you can’t take it!”
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Also, somebody that can´t take criticism in return.

On the Urban dictionary there´s an entry in wich goes "don´t give criticism if you can´t take it."

This is a particularly touchy point, in relationships with immediate superiors, many think they can joke, give criticism, and even bully their subordinates in front of others. Proble is, there is the likelilehood of losing their respect altogheter.
On the other way, it´s a bad decision to criticize back may be an equally bad idea. One have to be steady and unruffled, have to be confident in his skills.

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But it is more than criticism. It can refer to any unkind treatment.

Let's say the boss comes to work and parks in your spot (box). He does not undestand that he is causing you an inconvenience. A customer comes and parks in the spot used by the boss, and the boss gets angry. He can dish it out but he can't take it.

to dish out = to give, as in giving food in a number of dishes/plates
to take = to withstand (aguentar)