O termo "absurd" denota um sentido positivo ou negativo?

We live in an absurd world.

Aih seria "em um mundo cativante" ou "em um mundo deplorável"?

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Cinnamon 16 60 498
Hi Sidney!

"Absurd" means stupid and unreasonable or even silly in a humorous way.
It is quite negative, because it is commonly referring to Chaos.
To say "cativante" you can use: "captivating".

There are some adjectives with positive meaning: amazing, wonderful, breathtaking... So on.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Sidney, it could serve to a number of interpretations and meanings.

Generally the word ''absurd" has a negative sense to it. But you brought up a whole sentence; then it reminded me of other area of knowledge: Phylosophy.
From combining the readings of Thesaurus (looking up the word - absurd) and then the following sites, I take it that in philosophy you can think of "absurd" as "surreal" (or picking a term used by cinnamon, "unreasonable" - to a certain degree).

http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/20 ... surd/?_r=0
https://philosophyforchange.wordpress.c ... nd-revolt/

So, perhaps in that context (and only in that, certainly.) we could rephrase "we live in an absurd world." to "we live in a surreal/not always reasonable world."

Like a reader commented "The more you gaze at the word 'absurd,' the more absurd it appears."
Ha ha ha! :lol: