Omitir o som f em "I shake it off"?

Hello, everybody!

Gostaria de saber se o som f pode ser omitido em inglês, já que, na música Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (, a cantora omite esse som da palavra Off, na frase "I shake it off" (pelo menos é o que eu percebo ;) ).

Thanks in advance!
First of all, I do perceive an 'f' when I hear that song.

But to answer your question... No, not when speaking. It can be very, very soft (the 'f' sound is already hard to hear) but it would be weird to omit it completely.

Please, turn the light o--.
-- What? It's either 'on' or 'off'. There's no 'ahh' setting.
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I'm with Erikespen on this one,I did hear a soft and almost inaudible F sound at the end.
As far as songs is concerned some sounds tend to be omitted in order to add more musicality to the song. Most of the times you dont even hear the word and only from the context you can guess what is the word.