"On", "for" or "during"

"I always used to go to Porchester _____ my summer holidays."

I had to fill the gap with a word and I used "on". However, the answer says it should be "for" or "during" and I do agree with it. The problem is that "on" also seems right for me. Am I wrong?

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For - is usually used when holidays are specific (in the context of some given holidays, hence countable). Holidays here mean vacation (American English).

On - not specific in kind, so not in the context of a set of 15 or 30 days, just that you are enjoying your holidays. Here it would be uncountable. So, not talking about a limited number of days, oftentimes it's used when talking about things we enjoyed, things for pleasures (meaning off work here), etc.

Perhaps you answered some quiz or test that favor the American English usage, so they would lean to the during (the) holiday(s). Again, their paid days off at the end of the year (or otherwise) would be their 'vacations' (e.g. My vacation).
Ref. ell.stackexchange

Fellyppe, after doing the search it gets easier to me, probably I also wouldn't score this one. ;-)