On the phone vs. At the phone: Qual utilizar

Hey guys,

I was thinking of prepositions these days, and a question came into my mind: "What is the difference between 'on the phone' and 'at the phone'?"

I know that when a person is using the phone, they will probably say: "I'm on the phone...", but I want to know when it is possible to use "at the phone"...

And speaking of on and at, what about "on the computer" and "at the computer"???

Guys, please, help me again...

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Sra_Tradutora 6 76
I am on the computer right now = I am using a computer
I am at the computer right now = I am sitting at the spot where my computer is (and I probably am using the computer, but maybe I'm just talking on the phone or thinking about something while looking at the computer screen)

I am on the phone right now = I am using a phone to talk to someone
I am at the phone right now = I am sitting next to a specific phone (people are not likely to say this, so it's probably a mistake)