Opinão sobre o filme Twilight

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Olá Davi,

Não tem nenhum comentário sobre o vídeo? Sempre que enviar um vídeo tente falar algo sobre ele antes.


See you!
Though I’ll keep my tone a little less edgy, I have to agree with the video girl’s opinion. Don’t wanna get into prejudice so I’m not gonna say labels; however, if you look into Sthephenie Meyer's bio you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Twilight and whatever comes after it is a standard conservative religious view of good and evil, just like that, black and white; good’s all perfect and evil – defeated with hardship and mostly privation – comes to good in the end. The movie’s a little softer about it; nonetheless, it’s also too pure and just to be substantial.

The world and the relationships painted in the saga are full of politically correct portraits that make all way too tacky. But it’s catchy for the generation of fans it got.

It’s a blockbuster – no arguments on that – and the production is A class. Nevertheless, it’s way far from a high quality deserving-to-become-a-classic piece of work.

Have a nice weekend y’all!