Ordem dos adjetivos em inglês

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There are four gorgeous long-stemmed red silk roses on the table.
quatro exuberantes rosas de seda vermelha de haste longa na mesa.
Eu aprendi a sigla ODASCOMP = Opinion, Dimension(size), Age, Shape, Color, Origin, Material, Purpose.
Acho que tem um pequeno erro na tua tabela. 'age' vem antes de 'shape'.
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Avatar do usuário Ricardo F. Bernardi 7650 16 140

Thank you so much. ODASCOMP is such a wonderful way to memorize that.
I'm really grateful.

I have never been able to state any rule regarding this without looking it up;

I am not quite sure if ODASCOMP is an American grammar rule and ODSACOMP is a British grammar rule; or if it depends in which region where we may be either.

However, regarding on that, I believe it can be ODSACOMP too because it all depends in what you want to stress.
Please take a look on this page: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/grammar/british-grammar/about-adjectives-and-adverbs/adjectives-order


An ugly old hag x an old ugly hag.
Some fat old men x some old fat men.

It is probably instinctive for most speakers.
I have read that it goes from more specific to more general, and that makes sense to me.