Palavras homógrafas em inglês

Eu quero exemplos de palavras com a mesma escrita e significados diferentes como:

do-verbo auxiliar
do-verbo fazer

Essas palavras sempre me confundem e eu quero uma lista das mais comuns em inglês.


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Apenas uma ligeira correção em seu post, Vinicius:

Fan = Ventilador /

"Divertido" ou "diversão" seriam "fun".

Outras palavras homógrafas comuns (termos em negrito possuem pronúncias diferentes, dependendo do significado):

Fast =
1) Rápido, veloz (to move fast)
2) Jejum (to go on a fast)
3) Firme, fixo (to hold fast, fast and firm, fast friends etc.)

Close =
1) Fechar (close the door)
2) Próximo, perto (he was standing close)
3) Fim (the game was drawing to a close)

Contest =
1) Competição
2) Contestar (legalmente)

Cool =
1) Legal (gíria)
2) Frio, fresco (e verbos "refrescar", "resfriar" etc.)

Grave =
1) Sepulcro
2) Grave, sério (formal)

File =
1) Lixar, lixa (ferramenta áspera)
2) Arquivo, arquivar

Minute =
1) Minuto
2) Mínimo (minute details, a minute amount etc.)

Match =
1) Pálito de fósforo (strike a match)
2) Jogo, partida (the winner of the match)
3) Combinar, corresponder (the pictures don't match)

Bow =
1) Arco
2) Curvar-se (em reverência)

Well =
1) Bem (advérbio)
2) Poço

Bear =
1) Urso
2) Suportar, aguentar, carregar, parir, etc.

Can =
1) Poder, ser capaz de, conseguir (modal)
2) Lata, enlatar (verbo normal)

Clear =
1) Claro, limpo, limpar (a clear message, to clear the table etc.)
2) Afastado (stand clear of the door, steer clear of something etc.)

Bar =
1) Bar (estabelecimento)
2) Barrar, proibir
3) Exceto (bar a few things, bar none)

School =
1) Escola
2) Cardume de peixes

Interest =
1) Interesse
2) Juros (financeiros)

Duck =
1) Pato
2) Esquivar-se (baixando a cabeça)

Ring =
1) Anel
2) Tocar, soar, som (telefone, som agudo etc.)

Naturalmente, nenhuma lista é exaustiva. O inglês, como outros idiomas, possui milhares de palavras homógrafas. Por sinal, esta é uma ótima ideia de tópico que pode ser enriquecido através de outras participações. Fica aberto o convite para que outros membros postem seus exemplos ou listas.

Bons estudos!
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Hello Vinicius.

It here follows some Homographs:

accent - stress or emphasis/a manner of speaking or pronunciation influenced by the region in which one lives or grew up
agape - wide open/a Greek word meaning “love”
attribute - a characteristic or quality/to think of as belonging to or originating in some person, place or thing
axes - the plural of ax or axe/the plural of axis
bass - a deep voice or tone/a kind of fish
bat - a piece of sporting equipment used in baseball/a winged animal associated with vampires
bow - to bend at the waist/the front of a boat/a pair of tied loops
buffet - to hit, punch or slap/a self-serve food bar
bustier - an undergarment/more busty
compact - small/to make small/a small case for holding makeup
compound - to mix or combine/an enclosed area with a building or group of buildings inside
content - happy or satisfied/all that is contained inside something
contract - an agreement/to get, acquire or incur
coordinates - brings into proper place or order/a set of numbers used to calculate position
desert - a hot, arid region/to leave
digest - a condensed version of some information/to change food in the stomach into a form that can be absorbed by the body
discount - a reduction in price/to underestimate the significance of or give no credence to
does - female deer (plural)/present, third person singular form of the verb “do”
down - in a lower position/soft, furry feathers
entrance - the place of entry/to bewitch, delight or enrapture
evening - late afternoon/making more even
fine - very good/sharp or keen/delicate or subtle/a sum of money paid to settle a matter
frequent - occurring regularly/to visit a place with regularity
incense - a substance that produces a pleasant odor when burned/to infuriate or make very angry
[b]lead[/b] - to go first with followers behind/a type of metal
minute - 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour/extremely small
moped - acted sad or gloomy/a bicycle with a motor
object - a thing you can see or touch/a goal/a noun that receives the action of a verb/to be opposed to
proceeds - advances or continues on/the money or profit gained from some sale or venture
produce - to create or make/fresh fruits and vegetables
project - a plan or proposal/to throw or hurl forward/to cause a shadow or image to fall upon a surface
putting - the present participle of put/the present participle of putt
number - a numeral/to count/more numb
refuse - waste or garbage/to reject or decline to accept
row - a fight/to propel a boat forward using oars/a line
second - 1/60th of a minute/after the first
subject - under some authority or control/to bring under authority or control/to make liable or vulnerable/a topic/the noun in a sentence about which something is said in the predicate
tear - to rip/a drop of water from the eye
wind - to turn/moving air
wound - turned/an injury

All right, so how about trying to create a sentence for each meaning of theses homographs, uh? It is a good way to practice new vocabulary, since working only with lists isn't the most efficient way. :)

Links for some more: ... raphs.html

Have fun!
See ya.