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By the way, I´ll let you know a little secret (but you can pass it on to others, if you wish.); the English-speaking people added one ''m" to the word "recommendation", I think it´s to leave the learning of English harder to us. :P
Thus I will reword that sentence to "Hello! Thank's, PPaulo for your recommendations!"
Feel free to correct my mistakes as well, and there will be a lot of them! see you around !
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Paulo, your English is flawless! You could record something to us, I wanna hear your voice :)
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Thanks. Glad that you like it.
I feel my writing QC-passed, which is a good thing but I know I am still far from mark. Someday I will get there, or I will live trying! :lol:
As for the recording thing, I´ll leave to the advanced people I preffer this way since my voice and pronounce would scare away our fellow leaners!