Peace the f*ck out

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The scottish band Travis has a song called Peace the f*ck out. The refrain is:

"Oh, please, don't give up
You have a voice, don't lose it
You have a choice, so choose it
You have a brain, so use it,
The time has come
To peace the f*ck out"

As the song ends, a crowd of people (Celtic supporters, I guess) shouts: "Peace the f*ck out, peace the f*ck out".

What the hell does it mean? I've looked up on my dicitionary and haven't found anything. I've asked a Scottish man - who has been living in Brazil for 15 years or so - and he has no idea!
Hi Ana,
Eu creio que "Peace out" quer dizer algo do tipo "espalhar a paz", e esse "the f*ck" serve apenas pra intensificar a idéia com um palavrão.
Não vou arriscar a tradução ao pé da letra, mas creio que a idéia é essa.

See ya! :)
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Complementando a boa resposta de Israel:

Peace the f*ck out:

1. A more emphatic variation of peace out.

2. To say peace out emphatically/to add exclamation to your main point of peace out.

Vejam a explicação completa no link a seguir: ... f*ck%20out

Boa sorte!
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'to peace out' is a very slang way of saying 'sair' or 'ir embora'

as an expression
A: I'm gonna leave, my girlfriend keeps calling me to come over..
B: Alright, peace out.
A: See ya


as a verb
A: I'm gonna peace out, I got work in the morning.
B: later dude.

As far as the song, it doesn't really make much sense but if I had to guess I would say the song is about corruption of some kind, perhaps political corruption, and "the time has come to peace the f*ck out" would mean something like "chegou a hora de chegar pra lá". But like I said, I really don't know for sure.