Phrasal Verb: Sneak out

I was watching a movie last night and I came across the phrasal verb sneak out.
After a little research, I guess it means "fugir escondido, sair escondido". Does anybody have other translation for that?

Here is a small video teaching you how to sneak out of your house in the middle of the night.

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Thomas 7 61 291
It is also a transitive verb.

Can we sneak some beer out of the kitchen?
I did not steal this coat. I sneaked it out of the store when the manager was not looking.

You can also sneak into a house or sneak beer into a house.
I used to sneak pizza into the cinema.

You can even sneak a look at a pretty girl.
I sneaked a peek at the book Jack was reading.
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
"Sair de fininho" = sair às escondidas, sem que ninguém perceba.

À propósito:
Cf. Como dizer "Sair de fininho" em inglês
Cf. Como dizer "saiu de fininho..." em inglês
Nice vocabulary, dude. I'm going to sneak out the next party I'll go. Does "sneak out" can be understood like our Brazilian "saír à francesa"?
Thomas 7 61 291
I understand "saír à francesa" to mean to leave a function without saying farewell. I don't see this as "sneaking out", and act that implies deceit, stealth. etc. For "saír à francesa", perhaps "to slip out" would be a good translation.

I slip out of the room if I leave while everyone is talking and I do not want to disrupt the conversation.
I sneak out of the room if I crawl behind the couch and under a table, then exit via a window.

I slip out of the country if I do not tell reporters from A Folha that I am leaving.
I sneak out of the country if I hide in the trunk of Dilma's car.

Do you see the difference? If you don't, I can slip you some more examples but I won't sneak them to you.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
"I'm going to sneak out of the next party I happen to go to."

Now, why do you think of sneaking out, you don't enjoy parties?

Yes, according to your dictionary sneaking out (walking stealthily or furtively or getting oneself out of or away from [a place] by furtive or artful means when no one is looking) may envolve taking a "French leave." But not always.

(Phew, Thomas saved my neck on this one.)
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Thomas 7 61 291
Although "to slip out" and "to sneak out" have similar meanings, I see "to sneak out" to be an exaggerated action. If used instead of "to slip out", the exaggeration is used with humor.

Take a look at what Merriam-Webster has to say:

Main Entry: 1slip Pronunciation Guide
1 a : to move with a sliding motion <he opened the door and she slipped under the wheel -- Hamilton Basso> <the red rim of the sun slips out of the sea -- Richard Thruelsen> : go or pass smoothly and easily <let his mind slip automatically into the trading routine -- Walter O'Meara> b : to move quietly and cautiously : go stealthily so as to escape notice : GLIDE, STEAL <peeped out, saw no one, and thinking himself secure, slipped out into the road -- David Garnett> <slipped from a doorway and followed him -- T.M.Johnson> c : to elapse quickly and smoothly : pass imperceptibly <could see millions of years slipping by and the earth spinning still more dizzily -- Waldemar Kaempffert>

Main Entry: 1sneak Pronunciation Guide
1 a : to go stealthily or furtively : creep or steal so as to be unobserved <would sneak out over the back fence to avoid boys who were laying for me -- John Reed> : ...b : to get oneself out or past or through by furtive or artful means <sneak out of a difficulty> <his papers always sneak past the examiners>
2 : to behave in a furtive or servile manner
E como é em inglês (?):

Fazer as coisas de fininho

Israel está fazendo as coisas de fininho, sem que ninguém perceba pelo resto do mundo, para anexar Palestina e não haja impedimento disso por meio de críticas mundiais, principalmente boicote.

PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
De fininho (significando "na calada" - sem estardalhaço ou muita divulgação. Mas não significando - por exemplo, lentamente, gradualmente), pois podem ser duas coisas facilmente confundidas.

On the quiet -
... The Prime Minister should put a clause in the Bill that ensures that her government can’t use antiquated Henry VIII powers to go back and punch holes in worker protections on the quiet, without parliamentary scrutiny.
Quer dizer “sair de fininho”, ou seja, sair de um lugar silenciosamente, sem que ninguém perceba.

E também uma parecida é sneak out of, que seria “sair de fininho de algum lugar”. O sentido não é diferente, apenas usamos a partícula “of” para em seguida falarmos do lugar de onde a pessoa saiu de fininho.