Podcast: repetir muito ou não?

Marcelo Pias 1 2 14
Hey guys, I've been listening Podcast as much as possible in order to improve my English, but my question is: How many times should I listen the same podcast??
I've been listening to the ESLPodcast, very good by the way... But I don't know whether to listen repeatedly until I understand 100% or to listen once each, I usually understand about 80%...

Another question, why does everybody advice to listen to Podcast where you can understand at least 80% ?
Children don't use this method, they're exposed to the real English and they learn very well...

Thanks in advance!

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PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Well, I think learning English doesn´t have to be dull or not fun.
Perhaps you are in need of a multi-sensory approach. Say, part podcasts, part going out more, part watching TV-movies-news and part reading/listening etc.

http://www.middleweb.com/9016/we-dont-n ... ng-styles/

No method is effective without taking in account the learner, you have to find which suits your pace and needs.
What you don´t need is something that makes you nod and snore!
Hi Marcelo,

I usually listen a podcast several times during a week. However, I don't listen the same song repeatedly.

I have subscribed in four podcasts (ESL, BBC Six Minute, English We Speak and InglesOnline) then I listen each new audio of each podcaster a lot of times without repetition.

I am convinced according tips of inglesonline.com.br of Ana Luisa that listen listen and listen is the most powerfull way that I can develop my English.

In fact some classmates told me that I really improved my speaking skill. That happened since I've started to listen podcasts.

Best wishes.
Hi Marcelo,

I usually listen the same podcast many times over the week and I don't understand it 100% but I understand about 90%. So think you should to repeat it because you will understand it so much better and improve your English faster.
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