Por que usar ''not to'' em ''She decided not to go abroad this year.''

Hi guys!

Not to: she decided not to go abroad this year.

I understand that this is the way they speak and write, but I would like to get an explanation about this 'not to' in the middle of a sentence, between verbs. Why can't it be "she decided don't go abroad this year"? Once I read that "not to" can act as an adjective in some cases, but I can't see it as such in this sentence.
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Leonardo96 3960 9 89
"she decided don't go..." doesn't work at all under any circumstance, don't ever use such structure. Honestly that's just the way it is, just like you would say "try not to" and not "try don't", it's mostly because of that "decided", you can't have "do not" come right after it, it's always "not to". Try to understand things from context and allow your brain to absorb things naturally rather than wanting an explanation for everything.

PPAULO 54840 6 43 983
Please give those threads a stab. If doubt persists feel free to get back at us with any question. I hope this helps.