Posição de ALSO nas sentenças em inglês

anita 13
Hi, guys! I've been reviewing this topic and I've noticed a position of "also" that you, Henry, used that called my attention:
Henry Cunha escreveu: (...) I don`t think there`s any evidence for "also" as more formal than the other terms, or for "too" as being more common than "also." You might want to check http://www.kilgarriff.co.uk/BNClists/lemma.al. I'd disagree also with "as well" as old-fashioned or "formal" in NA English, based on my experience. Regards
I had understood that I should say sth like "I'd also disagree with...", but then I believe there's a change in meaning if the position were between the modal and the main verb, right?
Henry, could u please help me here?
Many thanks!
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Henry Cunha 3 17 182
Yeah, most people wouldn't give it two thoughts, but...

I also would disagree = I, along with others, would disagree
I'd also disagree = I, along with others, would disagree -- OR -- I disagree with something else
I'd disagree also = I disagree with something else

The middle construction permits two interpretations, in my view. Seems to me you can get the same effect with the placement of 'também' in some constructions in Portuguese?

anita 13
Yeah, Henry, you're right about "tambem". That's why I understood the construction you used although it didn't fit in any of the positions discussed beforehand. That's so interesting! Many thanks for clearing things out!
Desculpem ressuscitar o tópico, mas estavam falando sobre ser incomum o ALSO no final da frase. Hoje por coincidência encontrei um texto onde o "also" está no fim da frase. E esse texto é do site do Serviço Publico de Informações (Irlanda), ou seja, confiavel:

"(...)and your family members have the right to stay here also."
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