Posso traduzir "fazer/pintar as unhas" para "to polish my nails"?

Exemplos: "Can I polish my nails while pregnant?"
"After removing old nail polish, you are free to polish your nails."

Sei que existe "to do your nails", "to paint your nails", "to wear nail polish", mas queria saber se é comum o uso do verbo "polish" neste contexto.

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Olá, sim você pode dizer PAINT ou POLISH your nails.
Eté porque ESMALTE nos chamamos de Nail Polish.
Daí o uso do POLISH como um verbo.

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One usual question can be "can I use nail polish during pregnancy?" or "it is safe to use nail polish during pregnancy?"

Yes, as long as you aren't being exposed to the chemicals found in nail varnish on a regular basis.

Whereas the use of nail polish by cancer patients is not recommended in Brazil, as far as I know.
In the U.S., I learned, they only suggest painting nails whilst undergoing chemo in special occasions (so, exceptions to the rule). Even so, nail polish alcohol and acetone-free, with a nourishing base being applied first.

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