Posso usar o "going to" sem o verbo ''to be''?

Por exemplo:

Se eu quiser escrever uma legenda para uma imagem com a frase "Exército indo para cadeia"
Posso escrever em inglês "Army going to jail"? Ou está errado?
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 37680 6 31 659
I am going to eat out.
I am going to study for the test.
I am going to work today.

They are not going to play soccer.

None of these have the verb to be. "goint to" have the "to" particle default (é um padrão ter o TO).

Army generally is specified, what kind of army, or what army is, so usually it would come with a "the". More so, when army is thought as a collective noun. But in some case or other it could, only with some more elaborating, like where, how, etc.
Avatar do usuário Andrezzatkm 4805 1 8 105
PPAULO escreveu:
None of these have the verb to be.

Como assim?
"I am" é verbo To be.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 37680 6 31 659
Ha ha ha. Oh my! I was thinking about verb to be after "I am going" not before. My bad! :-)
Thanks for noticing, Andrezza.

Now to Hallowbat, yes it´s expected the use of the verb to be with "I am going to", but there will be always exceptions to the rule. Your case, is an example how it can be used and not to use. As I have explained in my previous answer.